Sunday, October 7, 2007

School is Fun

These are our boys on the first day of school this year. They both look like they have something up their sleeve. We're all having a great school year so far.

Jason has Mrs. Karen Demske and she reads all kinds of really great books to them. She also gave Jason a packet of extra math pages (she called them "My Math Fun Pack") for homework after he told me and her that "this homework is too easy, I want some minuses."

Evan's teacher this year is Mrs. Sarah (Doty) Owens. He started participating in choir this past week and they have a concert in December. That should be very interesting. Evan also has been reading many great books. He talks about Jerry Spinelli and other authors that he has checked out from the library at school. That is so cool.


  1. When is Evan's Christmas concert? I would love to attend. I know he is already practicing songs because the choir here at Young started their Christmas music last week. Grandma

  2. Your right... they do look a little shady. I know they are having a great year. I loved Grandparents day with them.