Wednesday, December 5, 2007


This post is for all you moms out there. You know you've done it. Maybe you're at home, maybe you're out in public (which was the case for me this morning). Baby begins to spit up, at least you think so. One of those no warning kind of spit ups, fully liquid, not even a burp before it happens. And then you realize, oh no, this isn't spit up, it's vomit. Oh my, she's throwing up. So what do you do, hold her far away from you so that it doesn't get on you? Oh no, gentle hearted mommy. You hold the baby close to your chest, absorbing the majority of the vomit in order to minimize the mess around you. And if I understand my thinking correctly, in an attempt to actually try to comfort the baby in some way? Maybe?

Ok, so then she stops. Just for a second, but you think she's done. You laugh and apologize to the folks who are going to have to clean up this wonderful stinky mess. But wait, there's more! Did I say vomit? What I meant to say was V-O-M-I-T!!!!! She threw up more. Again, no warning, just her entire bottle, coming back up. Unbelievable. Gross. Icky. Blech. And of course, you hold her against you absorbing the majority of the ick on yourself because, well, you've already lost your mind so you may as well go for broke, right?

So finally she stops and after apologizing once again you get your stinky slimy self and your lovely smiling stinky baby out to the car. Remove her coat also covered with ick and put her in the carseat. Tell the truth, at this point you're just thankful that didn't happen in the car. And you get yourself into the car and wish you could remove your own clothing but since it became winter in the last twenty four hours you decide that driving home nudey would not be only wrong but really, really cold.

And just to add insult to injury, you have to wait for a train on the way home. Not an Amtrak. You get the idea.

There you have it. It's only 9:30 am. I guess my baby is not feeling too well today. Think we'll stay in.

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