Monday, April 28, 2008

Happy Birthday to Sarah!

My "Baby" Sarah is one year old. She enjoyed her party and her cake. She wasn't as messy with it as some others I know but she did ok. Sarah would like to thank everyone who came to her party for the very pretty presents. Mommy is very excited because she's pretty sure she may not have to wash Sarah's laundry for quite some time.

We went to South Dakota again over spring break. The weather was beautiful while we were there. This week they were building snowmen in their front yard. Glad we missed that.

Our newest family member, Charlie the dog, joined us from the St. Joseph County Humane Society about a week ago now. He enjoys long walks on a leash, snacks, and having his belly rubbed. His behavior makes us believe that he has lived in a house before but he was at the pound for two months before we adopted him. We feel bad for whoever lost him. He had been hit by a car but thankfully only suffered some sprains before he was brought into the Humane Society. Jason is very happy for his new friend.

School is almost over for the year!!! Yikes. The boys will be participating in Healthworks camps, golf, fun days at Grandma's house, walking Charlie, library, doing nothing, being bored, basketball out front, and whatever else I can find for them to do this summer.

Remember I said that Spring was Coming? Told you so.


  1. you're back! you're back! i missed you. :) i'm going to be at the library on thursday at noon! come see us. :)

  2. What a Pretty Girl
    Happy Birthday again Sarah. I love you. Nana xoxo