Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I'm proud of Evan

Evan was nominated to be a patrol for his sixth grade year at Hums Elementary. He is so excited, he doesn't even mind that he'll have to get out of bed and be at school early every day. After his training and first day "on the job" yesterday, he rushed home to show me his new patrol belt.

I'm especially proud of him because typically, Evan is not a joiner. Being involved in extracurricular activities really does not interest him, even if his good friends are participating. For whatever reason this opportunity has appealed to him and he has accepted the challenge.

As we pulled up to school today I saw all of the other students Evan will be working with as a patrol. They're good kids. He'll be keeping good company. This sixth grade class at Hums is impressive. They are all growing and maturing so quickly now. Keep an eye out for these guys over the next ten years or so. I'm predicting great things from the Hums class of 2010.

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