Saturday, May 30, 2009

Scrapbooking Day

I thought I finished working on a scrapbook for Sarah's first year today but then I just discovered this photo on my computer, too. Hmpf. Guess I'll have to add another page to her book. Or two. We'll see. She's just so darned cute that we took lots of pictures of her.

I don't get to the scrapbooking very often but when I do I like to get the pictures in the book and move on to the next batch. I'm not really into embellishments and such. It's all about getting them done for me.

This weekend I finished the boy's books for their school year prior to the one that just ended. Yep, so for Jason that would have been 1st grade and Evan that was 4th grade. They just finished 3rd and 5th (yes, Jason skipped 2nd). I also finished Christmas 2008. The one I was working on for Sarah is digital. I've made several of these types and I really enjoy the way they turn out. I also enjoy that so much is done for me already. I would like to add a family tree page and maybe one of these birthday cake pictures. I haven't found a family tree page yet, though.

My guess is that I finished well over 50 pages last night and today. I counted this afternoon at some point and the total was at 42. I also worked on another project that's not exactly a scrapbook but it involves pictures and crafty stuff. That's all you get to know because it will probably be a Christmas present for somebody. You'll forget by then anyway. Right? You will, won't you? Cause I want you to be surprised. Well, if you're not just pretend to make me feel good. OK? Thank you.

What have you been up to this weekend?


  1. I did a little work on a firepit patio for our back yard.

  2. so hey, you've been writing on your blog! check it out! :) you are awesome. i read the peter walsh book too and it was good to get some stuff out and think about the stuff we bring in. i love to buy used stuff instead of new plasticky stuff. i like your list of things you did because you have a toddler. sometimes i make a list of weird things i say because i have a toddler (like "no touch trash can, no eat seashells, etc). it's pretty interesting in general! and yes, wren and i ate cheez-its, just cheez-its, for lunch.