Tuesday, August 4, 2009

what would you do?

So today I was picking up my kids from a local half day camp. A mother was interacting with her rather young child, I'd guess younger than eight. She was getting worked up. He wasn't saying anything, just looking at her. Finally, I could hear her say, "do you want me to make a scene? right here? do you?" and the little boy began to cry. Not wimpering, not quietly. But loud, sad, face scrunching, turning red, tears running down his face crying. I looked at the closest camp staff and said, "he's not creating a scene, she is."

I chose to leave with my kids at that time. We had another appointment to keep and I really felt that it was not my place to approach this woman. I've never seen her before and I'm wise enough to know that approaching her could have just made the situation worse. I so hope that camp staff were able to diffuse the situation and that Mom did not pursue the interaction when they left the building. Not sure I'm going to be able to stop thinking about them. Wonder if I'll run into them tomorrow?

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