Monday, July 12, 2010


This month Evan will be twelve.  I finally learned how to make a blog header so I changed it this month in honor of his birthday.

Evan is very excited to be starting seventh grade in the fall at John Young Middle School in Mishawaka. He's especially thrilled because he had to wait until middle school before he could get his first mobile phone. We got it for him just before the end of sixth grade so that he would have everyone's phone numbers handy over the summer months.

I hope Evan will be patient with me and Jon as he enters this new phase of parent rearing. I keep telling him that we are only almost-12-year-old parents. We've never done this before. He's the guinea pig.

Sometimes I think we're doing alright and sometimes I think we've messed the whole thing up. The good news is that we can't take credit for all the good stuff he does or the blame for all of the crazy things he will do.

Evan is a great kid and I'm really looking forward to seeing what the next few years have in store for him.

Happy twelfth birthday kid! Mom and Dad love you all of it!

Evan won all of this "bling" in the arcade on the cruise!

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  1. You did terrific on the new layout. Love the header in honor of Evan's birthday! Looks great Jennifer! There are days I wish children came with an instruction manual. Zachary is our parenting guinea pig. I think all parents worry they've messed it all up. I know we do often. But each new day is another opportunity to do it right. Keeping our eyes on the present not worrying about yesterday's mistakes and not getting lost in the future what if's. It sure is a balancing act though.