Tuesday, April 26, 2011

We are what we eat

In my quest for better health, I've found it useful to watch documentaries and other shows about our food industries. It really helps me to remember why I need to pay so much attention to what I'm eating.

You can watch these movies and decide for yourself what changes to make in your food and your lifestyle.

Food, Inc.

Of course, this one is about McDonald's. The film maker ate three meals a day at McDonald's every day for a month. The doctors recommended he stop after about twenty days. It made me sick just watching it.

Super Size Me

I've watched this one most recently. There's some really common sense information in this film.


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Please let me know if you've seen these and what you thought. Also, please let me know what others I should be looking for. I need to continue listening to this information as I endeavor to be more healthy.

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  1. I've seen Food, Inc and Super Size Me. Great films. The point of SSM is important- it isn't just focused on McD's. He chose McD's because of that lawsuit and such- but you have to apply the experience to ALL fast food.

    Food, Inc was very powerful for me.