Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Set a Timer Tuesday - Menu Planning

If you follow this blog and the Gather Arts Organizing blog you'll notice that I've shared this post in both places today. One of my "simple living" goals for the month of June is to have only one blog to maintain. That will mean that my business life and personal life will be coming together in one place online. Hopefully that works for you because I'm hoping it'll make my life easier. I'm not sure how it's going to look or change this space yet but hopefully it'll be easier for me and fun for you, too!

Hey Friends!

It's Tuesday and it's just about the beginning of June so today we're going to use our twenty-minute timer to work on our menu plan for the month.

One of my personal goals for June is to make my own life more simple. The plan is to do so in several different ways which I'll be telling you more about in the coming days and weeks hopefully. Today the focus is on planning a simple month of family dinners.

I've heard it said that most people only use about 21 meals that they just come back to again and again. I decided to take that a step further and reduce it down to seven. One meal for every day of the week (plus the option to eat out of course!).

If you've not played along with our Set a Timer Tuesday posts in the past, the idea is to set your timer for twenty minutes, and organize (or plan) your little heart out. At the end of the time, you're done! And hopefully your task is finished as well. If not, at least you've gotten a good start.

So, set your timer for twenty minutes and get to work! Here's what I accomplished in my twenty minutes of planning time. Make sure you have your family calendar in front of you when you begin this task.
  • Made a list of our seven favorite meals and two favorite restaurants.
  • Printed out a calendar page for the month of June and placed each meal on its date, keeping in mind events, practices, and travel schedule for the entire family.
  • Chose which night each week we would eat out and placed those on the calendar.
  • Printed a second calendar for planning new juices to try. (I bought a new juicer!)
  • Made the grocery list of what we will need for one week's worth of meals.
How cool is that? I'll only need one grocery list for the entire month of June. I can just use the same list each week, adding items for breakfast and lunches, and subtracting anything as leftovers warrant. Yeah for saving time and mental energy!

Also, if I run across a great sale on an item, I can stock up knowing exactly how many times we'll be using it over the rest of the month. Hopefully this will help cut down on items that get purchased and then just hang out in the fridge or cupboard.

Please let me know how your monthly planning goes. I would also love to know what are your family's seven favorite dinners. I can't wait to hear about it!

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