Sunday, September 11, 2011

Ravelry Blog-A-Long Update #4

Hey Friends! I have an update. Although I cannot include pictures this week because my laptop is currently broken and I have to hobble along on my son's really old but absolutely adequate desktop computer. (I know, first world problems, right?) Anyway, getting pictures onto this post is just something I'll do later in the week when I have my own machine back.
Anyway, I have decided to take a break from the original Year of Projects project I had started on. That was all of the blocks from 200 Crochet Blocks. I have 30ish blocks done. Here's my difficulty and why I'm finding the project so frustrating. I'm having trouble making them all come out the same size which is why I was asking about blocking in a previous post. The ones which go round and round are easier to make the correct size because I can always just add another round of something if necessary. The ones that go back and forth are much harder for me to get right. Obviously I still have a problem with this gauge stuff. It also really depends on the day, I think. Some days I work really tightly and some days it just seems to be easier for me to work more loosely. Kind of a bummer. So I've decided that this project needs to just take a break and think about the error of its ways.

I finished my first ripple blanket since I've last updated. It was fun to figure out a new pattern.

Flowers in the Snow

I've started on the circles for this project. I have been to her site and drooled over her version of the project so many times that I just couldn't help it any more. I had to get started. So far I have somewhere around 50 circles made. I honestly haven't counted today. I decided yesterday that my goal will be to make at least 12 each day because that would get me finished with the circles in 16 days.

In a couple of weeks I am taking a knitting class at my Local Yarn Store, the Yarn Gourmet, where we'll be knitting a top down child's sweater. I'm really excited about it but I'm concerned because I've been doing so much crochet. I took some time to practice my knitting last week and my fingers weren't happy about it. Practice makes perfect right? I may have to whip up a couple of knit scarves in the next two weeks to get my fingers and my brain ready for knitting rather than crochet.

Thanks for checking out my update. Promise I'll add photos later in the week.

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