Friday, February 24, 2012

Friday Night Cowl

I bought this totally awesome yarn at the South Bend Museum of Art. It's made by Elizabeth Zapf of ZabeZapf Handspun. It. Is. Gorgeous.

This is the first yarn I've purchased that wasn't cheap and isn't acrylic. Now I understand why yarn snobs exist. This yarn works up beautifully, the stitches lay perfectly, and it doesn't split while you're working with it. 

Since I only had 138 yards to work with I decided to make a cowl or a scarf. It's my first cowl and I've decided I love it. It's a rather stretchy fabric so I can stretch it to three times around my neck if I get cold. 

Here's the pattern I used:

Chain 202 stitches.

Row 1: Single crochet in 3 chain from hook. Single crochet in each chain stitch across. Chain 2 and turn.
Row 2: Double crochet in each single crochet. Chain 3 and turn.
Row 3: Triple crochet in each double crochet. Chain 2 and turn.
Row 4: Double crochet in each triple crochet. Chain 1 and turn.
Row 5: Single crochet in each double crochet. 

Place both ends together and single crochet a seam to attach.

Weave in ends and enjoy your beautiful handiwork!

This may be simple but I love it. Let me know if you make one, too!

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