Sunday, May 12, 2013

Zendala Dare #5

This week's template from The Bright Owl and TangleHarmony:

And my finished page:

I found this one a little dizzying at times. When I reached this point with the white space in the middle, I decided it was quite enough. I think I'm reaching that point in learning a new craft when you start to get frustrated with yourself because you're approaching the hard part. The part where I have to actually buckle down and practice to get better. I need to learn to get better at shading. It's my current nemesis. Usually, I just ignore it. I know when I decide to take the time to practice, I'll be pleased with the results.

I also received my first zen in the mail this week. Awfully fitting that it came from Rick and Maria, the inventors of the art form. I won a previous week's giveaway at the Zentangle Blog.

It's kind of amazing. The lines are so gentle and soft. It honestly looks kind of unreal. I'm excited to have it as I continue to learn how to improve my own drawings.


  1. Your zendala is beautiful. I think the white part near the center is perfect! It sets off the other tangles.

    Shading really does add a lot. There's a great mini-clinic on shading here:

    1. Thanks for the link! I'll be sure to take a look!

  2. Sometimes you just need white space, it sets off the rest of your zendala. Very nice.

  3. It's very nice.

    I add colour if I can't think what to do about the shading! :-)

  4. Oh Jen! How awesome that you won that drawing!! And ugh...I'm with you on the need to practice shading...I did manage some in my interpretation of this template ( and the background I placed my zendala on help as well I think! You must admit that it is to addicting to gie up on the hard parts! Keep on tangling!!!! #18

  5. I really like the way you interpreted this template. The balance between tangles and white space is wonderful. I love your center tangle a lot. And congratulations on winning a piece of art by Maria. It is definitely something to treasure.

  6. You dis so very well with this zendala. Beautiful with the shite in it.

  7. I love your zendala. And its ok not to fill all the spaces. Negative space can be your friend!

  8. Oh this looks so fun! I'm always nervous about trying these though. :) rachwms from swap bot