Wednesday, August 21, 2013

New School Year, Day 1

Sarah's first day of 1st grade
Here we go. The life of the carpool mom during the school year. Such is life when your school has no busses and/or your kids go to private school.

The thing I like least about it all? Is the putzing time, for sure. When there's not enough time to go home in between, but there's not enough time to get anything done either. Or, you just really don't have anything you need to do outside of the house.

8:30 Drop off Sarah

11:30 Pick up one extra boy for carpool

12:00 Drop off boys for orientation

1:45 Pick up boys from Trinity
Pick up extra 10th graders for Putt-Putt
Drop off 10th graders at Putt-Putt
Drop off extra kid from car pool
Drop off Jason at home

3:00 Pick up Sarah
Putz a while until 4pm (maybe get some groceries for lunches?)

4:00 Pick up Evan from Putt-Putt

And so it begins .....

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  1. Looks like you got it figured out! Happy Back To School.