Wednesday, March 5, 2014

A Quilt Designer is Born

Prepare for lots of pictures.  (You can click on any of the images to see it larger).

This quilt finish is #3 in the Year of the Log Cabin Quilt series. It's also Sarah's first official quilt design. Sarah was involved in the project almost from the beginning because the quilt is a donation project for her school auction which is this Friday, March 7.

So I was thinking we would do something like one of these designs:

When Sarah came in and said, "can I move some, Mom?"

So I said, "sure," this being one reason I take lots of pictures during the process. We can easily change things and use the pictures to go back to a design that was better.

After crawling on the quilt for a while and moving around just a few blocks she says, "I'm gonna have to change the whole thing, Mom." Again, that was ok with me. I literally sat on the couch and watched.

She picked up all of the blocks except for the ones in the corner that she wanted to start with.

And after two tries, she ended up deciding she liked this one best.

I realized she was right. It was better than my design and since the quilt is for her school event, she should get to pick. I think a tradition is born.

There wasn't time to do the actual sewing together of all the blocks on the day we first designed it, so I had her do it again for me (below) before she went to school on sewing day.

And I sewed and I sewed while she was at school.

And here's the finished product.

Along with the official quilt label.

She's pretty proud of herself.

We like the back, too.

I'm really super nervous about how much it will fetch in the auction. If it does great, I'll edit the post to let you know. If not, well, back to the drawing board for next year, I guess.

Edit March 7: the quilt sold tonight for $250 at the auction. Sarah was beyond thrilled that someone actually bought what we made!


  1. She did a great job. - Aunt J

  2. Awwh Its nice to see some traditions are still being carried on ! Wonderful simply wonderful ! Good Job girls !

  3. This is very lovely. Will you buy your own donation?