Friday, April 25, 2014


It's your weekly #ZenFriday post along with the Diva Challenge #164 this week. The challenge was to take inspiration from the earth for Earth Day. This tile started out roundish with some latitude-ish and longitude-ish lines and went completely awry from there. Isn't that just always the way.

I've also found this week that I really wanted to fill up that entire tile. Not sure what that was about but there you have it.

Please feel free to leave your own link in the comments for ZenFriday. I'll look forward to visiting.


  1. Some of the fun of tangling is the starting and letting it wander and go where it wants. The results are usually great. Just saw your MS badge. I lived in Warsaw for 20+ years. Am now about 90 minutes due South on 31, just outside Kokomo. Glad to see another person from Indiana participating.

    1. Hi Donald! We're practically neighbors! Thanks for posting!

  2. Yes, Donald is right, that's what happens if you let go. Your tile is very pretty!
    And, you asked for it: