Thursday, September 27, 2007

All time favorite movies

Mary Poppins - Step in time, step in time.
The Princess Bride
- R.O.U.S.'s? I don't believe they exist.
Gone With the Wind - must be viewed on a theater size screen. Preferably AFTER having read the book. Yes, all zillion and twelve pages of it. Extra points for sitting through the movie while pregnant. Oh, and by the way, Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn.
Raising Arizona - turn to the right
It's a Wonderful Life - Zuzu's petals. Enough said.
The Wizard of Oz - I'm melting.
The Pacifier - Goodnight Peter Panda.

Those are the tops, at least that I can think of right now. These are the ones that I can and have watched again and again. Or will watch just parts of them at different times. What a joy it used to be to watch whatever part of It's a Wonderful Life that happened to be on the television whenever you turned it on between Thanksgiving and Christmas. That all changed when some miserable network (who shall remain nameless) purchased the rights and now only plays it once a season. Sacrilege, I say.

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