Friday, September 28, 2007

Bag Style KAL

KAL is short for knit-a-long for all those not in the know. I've just joined my first one and I'm so excited. I've been wanting to make myself a bag and I figured the best way to make sure it actually happens and gets finished is to join a group and have some fun with it. I'm waiting for my book to arrive and then I'll decide which bag to make. There are several I'm interested in so we'll have to wait and see. Maybe I'll make them all and give some for Christmas gifts.

Just thinking, I should really start taking pictures of my knitting projects for posterity. I guess it never occurred to me before.

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  1. Hello Jen - never did this before so hope it works. Saw your comment on Bagstyle KAL and wanted to help. K1, P1, K1 just what it sounds like. If you knit with the working yarn in your right hand, do this: Insert needle as if to K, yo and pull thru but Don't pull stitch off the needle. Now put yarn in front, swing needle forward and insert as if to purl, yo and pull thru but don't pull new stitch off the needle. Now put yarn in back, insert needle as if to knit, yo and pull thru and NOW you can pull stitches off the needle. Ouila! three stitches where one used to be. Hope this helps. If you knit with working yarn in left hand, it's basically the same as how you would work a knit and purl in that method but again you do not pull the stitch off the needle until you have made all three increases. Hope this helps.....biglakeknits@hotmailcom