Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I'm channeling Peter Walsh today

Today I asked the boys to make a list of the things they ABSOLUTELY must have in their lives to be happy. Just to be clear at the outset, we're not talking about people, or faith, or anything like that. Today's mission encompasses the stuff of young men's lives. Here are the lists they came up with.

1. Computer
2. Game Boy & Games
3. Harry Potter Series
4. Wii
5. Zelda Series
6. Board Games
7. Nintendo DS & Games
8. Stuffed Guys
9. Nerf Stuff
10. Pokemon

1. Computer
2. Nintendo DS
3. Ipod
4. Wii
5. Eragon Series
6. Naruto Series/Shonen Jump
7. Zelda Series
8. YuGiOh Cards
9. Stuffed Guys
10. Bouncy Balls
11. Tornado Toy

Some interesting stuff on those lists I must say. A few things I was surprised by but overall pretty accurate given what I see them doing on a daily basis. So, we went about purging the bedrooms of all things not on the list. And the rule was, for example, the board games must fit in the allotted board game space. If there were too many, then some had to go. Same with stuffed guys, nerf stuff, etc. There was some fussing when we came across stuff not on the list, but they got over it quickly when we referred back to the list.

Sometimes it helps to have focus. They focused on those things they appreciate the most, and the others are going away. Now they will be able to keep their rooms straight and clean. When relatives ask what they want for their birthdays, they can answer with the list in mind. I'm sure the list is going to change over time, people keep telling me they will grow out of Pokemon. Still waiting for that day.

Now, as for the dining room table. Hm. Think it's time to call Goodwill and arrange a pickup.

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  1. thats a great idea! Mine is a little young for it yet (3.5) but close.

    I tried a similar thing and she didnt get it (I dont think) as she decided she should give EVERYTHING away :)

    Methinks she thought she was getting all new?