Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Garden Harvest 2009

I'm through harvesting for this year. Kind of sad but true. There are still a few things in the garden left to be harvested, some potatoes, a few tomatoes here and there. But, I'm done doing the tracking and photo thing. I used to say that my gardening season was Mother's Day until Labor Day. My garden/landscaping season has grown to extend way beyond those boundaries in recent years. However, if I just feel that I'm not into something anymore, I will give myself permission to let it go for the season.

So, Veggie Garden, I have loved you. You were the best. We'll see you next year. I'm going to remove the widget from the sidebar and just have the harvest history in this post. So until next time, adieu.

05/27 - cut columbines and chives

05/28 -
06/18 - cut impatiens for vase
06/20 - one scallion onion
06/29 - three onions
07/xx - lots & lots & lots & lots of beans/green & purple
07/21 - 6 potatoes
3 onions
2 carrots
07/27 - 1 tomato
3 onions
07/30 - 2 carrots
lots of purple beans
lots of tomatoes (kids ate half while in garden)

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