Friday, October 9, 2009

Happy Birthday Imani

Imani lives with her family in Mwatundo, which is 30km NW of Mombasa in Kenya. Houses in her community have dirt floors, mud walls and thatch roofs. The primary diet consists of maize, beans, bread, cassava and rice. Thankfully, Imani and her family are relatively healthy, but many people in her community deal with malaria, typhoid fever and respiratory infections. Sometimes her father is able to work as a day laborer and will earn the equivalent of $20 per month.

By sponsoring Imani through Compassion International, we give her the opportunity to have access to nutritional services, medical care, education, spiritual training. Her family is also given opportunities for skills training.

Imani is turning 14 this week. I am so thankful that we are able to do something to help her have a better life. Today, our family will celebrate her birthday with cake and ice cream, just like we do for everyone else. Tomorrow, we will be serving at Second Saturday in honor of Imani. Trust me, we don't do this all the time because really, I am not a morning person. But tomorrow, to honor Imani's life, to show her we love her, we are going to serve people closer to home and send her pictures of our adventure.

I'm so excited to celebrate Imani. I hope somehow, she can know how very much we care for her, and how much knowing her and about her, makes our life better.

Happy Birthday Imani! We love you!

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