Thursday, January 28, 2010

Next Step #2

So it's been 21 days since I said that I was going to begin a new habit to improve my health and drink four water bottles every day. Remember that? Since 21 days was the number of days the experts say it takes to make a new habit, it's time to move on to another. But before we move on you may be wondering how I've been doing. Well, quite swimmingly actually. At first it seemed really difficult to get all four in the course of the day. I still can't figure out why that would be so difficult but it was. Now I know that I need to pace myself a little better and make sure that I've already had three by the time the kids come home from school. Otherwise, I'll be drinking that fourth one late in the day and that does not bode well for sleeping all night long.

The really funny thing is that as I've been working on this first step, another step has sort of just presented itself. I used to drink protein shakes in order to increase my protein intake and for quite a while now, I had stopped. No reason really, just stopped. Well, over the last 21 days some time, I started again. So now, not only have I established a really good habit in drinking four bottles of water every day, but I've already started working on my next step. Now it doesn't seem like such a big deal to continue the water, and to pick up the next goal of having a shake for breakfast every day. So that's the plan for next step #2. Protein shake every day for breakfast. I'm not making any rules about what I'm eating, or not eating along with the shake. Step #2 is simply to have a protein shake at breakfast time every day for the next 21 days.

Now I'm wondering what will present itself over the course of the next three weeks for Step #3? What's your next step?

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