Sunday, January 31, 2010


Thanks to Heather, I have been encouraged to think about what I would like to accomplish before I become the wise old age of 40. My friend Heather is much more ambitious than I am and she has come up with 40 things she would like to do before her 40th birthday. I was having a terrible time coming up with 40 things so I decided that since my 40th birthday is less than one year and two months from now, I'm going with a 20X40 list. I figure I'll see what I can get done in the next year or so, then I'll make my 50 By 50 list and I'll have ten years to get that stuff done! It's good to have a plan. You can make a list, too. Please let me know if you do. So without further ado, here is my list of 20 things to accomplish before I turn 40.

1. Get a tatoo. updated 10/26/11
2. Make a microloan through updated 6/7/2010
3. Visit our Compassion International daughter Imani in Kenya.
4. Be debt free (except for the house).
5. Make money online (enough to pay for 3 days of childcare per week).
6. Take a vacation with just Jon for at least four days.
7. Finish a quilt. I finished a small quilt for Sarah, and am working on several more 3/16/13.
8. Make a microloan through
9. Visit Kalavai Colony in India.
10. Take a girlfriend vacation.
11. Visit a new state (some day go to all 50).
12. Find a vendor for my handmade rugs.
13. Start and/or join a bookclub. updated 3/29/2010
14. Attend an art/craft conference.
15. Attend a writing conference.
16. Attend a business conference. updated 4/29/2010
17. Volunteer for a Compassion International local event. updated 2/11/2011
18. Hold a Gather Arts event. updated 7/27/2010
19. Finish the bathroom remodel. Jon finished the remodel December 2011.
20. Take a class.


  1. Okay Jenn!! I like this idea and am going to copy you okay. You can check out my list of 20x40 or 40x40 or even 50x50 on my blog spot. I'm working on it today. Should be up by Monday!

    Did I tell you that I love reading your posts and I like the "Favorite Thing" of the day on Facebook. You are so creative and well, just down to earth. I like that.

    I like your big heart too! What a great person you are.

    Your Friend,

  2. I'm reading but I have to say your ambition is just making me tired. We share a fondness for books, writing,, girlfriend vacations and travel.

  3. I love it! Awesome list, girl - maybe we should have a tattoo tweetup someday soon. I need accountability & proper motivation. The drawing has been on my fridge for almost a year now.

  4. Okay my 40x40 list is up on my blog!

    Here is a link (if I did this correctly):

  5. I have a question? I want to go over my 40x40 list and can't figure out how to do the "strike" out and add the date accomplished thing. Could you help me with that?