Thursday, October 27, 2011

The one where I get a tattoo. Really.

In case you missed it. I got a tattoo.

That's Scott from Nadwe Zibe. He says that means winding river in the Potawatomi language. Since I'm too lazy to look it up, I'll believe him.

Here's the after shot with Scott justifiably proud of his work in the background.

And the closeup.

My tips for getting your first tattoo:
  • Get a recommendation from a friend where to go. Here's yours. Go to Scott.
  • Take a friend with you. You're going to want to be distracted. You did great Lesley!
  • You must go to dinner at Hacienda (or your favorite local Mexican-ish restaurant) after.

That's about it. Just do it.

And of course Sarah's temporary tattoo because she must have absolutely everything that her mama has. At least as far as she's concerned.

So since I'm still 40 years old I decided this totally counts for my 20X40 list. Remember that?

What tattoo should I get next? I have some ideas. ;)

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