Thursday, April 29, 2010

20X40 List Update #16 Attend a Business Conference

Originally posted to my business blog (Gather Arts Organizing), this post is a perfect fit to update my 20X40 list so here goes!

I had a fantastic time last week at the annual conference of the National Association of Professional Organizers.  I want to give you just a quick run down of what I learned and why it's important for you!
The primary reason I went to this conference was for education.  While I've been an Organizer for ever, it is imperative that I be a great business person as well in order to be able to offer fantastic services to my clients and to be able to remain in business! We learned from three fantastic keynote speakers as well as industry leaders on many subjects including:
  • using technology in marketing
  • using technology for time & task management for ourselves and our clients
  • the difference between networking and prospecting (connect people, don't just collect business cards)
  • how to offer the best value to my clients
  • effective and appropriate marketing strategies when working with senior populations
  • effectively and appropriately working with families dealing with Attention Deficit issues
That's a run down of the topics in the classes that I went to, but really I learned so much more.  I can't begin to list it all here.  I was privileged to be able to go and I want to thank everyone who has been involved with me in getting Gather Arts off the ground because you all have contributed to the success!

Now the really fun stuff!  In addition to the classes, we had time to visit an exhibition hall where we visited with representatives from some of our favorite companies and some new ones as well.  I can't wait to share with you all of the exciting new products I discovered while I was away!  Over the coming weeks I'll do some posts highlighting all of the amazing products and companies I found.

For a taste, take a look at ListPlanit.   I love to make lists and reminders and believe me, if Jennifer has already created one that I can use, all the better.  Keep in mind that I have a professional membership with this company so that I can use these lists in helping you to get organized!  We also are able to personalize them for your use.  If you're not near me or want to have download access on your own computer then by all means, purchase your own download account.  If you prefer we can get an appointment on the books and I can help you set up your own household binder using these lists personalized for you! Ugh, that makes me happy just thinking about how much time you will save.

Again, thanks to all involved in Gather Arts in any way!  And now, I'm so glad to be back home!

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