Thursday, March 4, 2010

Follow Compassion International to Kenya

I've spoken here before about Imani, the young lady our family sponsors in Kenya through Compassion International.  We love Imani.  We think and talk about her and pray for her frequently.  We wonder what she might be up to and how her family is doing.  

As a matter of fact, our love for Imani, her family, and her country has affected other choices we've made.  When we decided to make a $25 microloan through, we chose an individual who lives in Kenya.  We're thinking that if his life is better, there's a chance that Imani's will be, too.

This week the Compassion Bloggers group is in Kenya and I am watching them closely.  As far as I know they will not be visiting the center Imani attends.  But, through this trip, I believe more children will be sponsored.  That will make their lives better.  Which makes their family's lives better.  Which could make life better for their entire village.  Which could just potentially improve the life of the entire nation.

Please consider sponsoring a child through Compassion International.  And follow along with me this week as the bloggers travel through Kenya.

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