Monday, March 8, 2010

Service With a Smile

I don't pull forward in the drive-thru.

There. I said it.

Lady in Window: I need you to pull forward because it's going to be a few minutes on your chicken.
Me: I'm really sorry.  I just don't do that.  How long is it going to be?
Lady in Window: It's going to be about 4-5 minutes for your chicken to be done.
Me: I'm in the drive thru and you want me to wait 5 minutes for my food?
Lady in Window: Walks away and says to someone inside (she said she's not pulling up).

At this point several people walked by the window to steal sideways glances at me. Were they wondering if I had three eyes or something? Or trying to remember me for next time?

I didn't pull forward. They brought my food. It didn't take five minutes.

Here's the thing. I'm not really that much of a jerk. If a manager or even the same Lady in Window had come back to the window and said, "Look, we are really, really sorry but tonight is super crazy because of this promotion we have going on.  I have X coupons for you for the trouble and I'll personally bring your food to your car as soon as it is ready," I might have just pulled forward. Even without the coupon.

I'm not willing to accept sub-par service. I don't have to accept everything someone says to me as just the way it is.  I can kindly say, "no thank you," and still be treated kindly and fairly. We didn't order anything out of the ordinary, or in any special way. If I was going to do that, I would go in. I am a reasonable customer. I expect to be treated reasonably by people I am paying for service.

Guess what? The fries were cold. They would have been really great after five more minutes, eh?

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