Thursday, March 11, 2010

Next Step #4 - Go To Bed On Time!

Let's see.  Since the beginning of the year I've started #1 drinking four water bottles every day, #2 drinking a protein shake at breakfast time every day, and #3 took a three week break from face book. The water habit is going great. The protein shake happens every day, usually at breakfast, sometimes at lunch.

The Facebook break has been great.  Here is what I learned while I've been on break:

  • I still don't intend to play Farmville or Bejeweled.
  • There are some people I keep up with only through Facebook and I've missed them.
  • It's not Facebook that's the problem, it's the way I was using it.
  • I need to set limits and live by them.

Full Disclosure: I did visit the Facebook site twice, once to communicate with a friend whose family lives in Hawaii when the world was waiting for a tsunami to hit there; and again when a friend sent me a link to her photo set of a project we had worked on together.  In both cases I visited that direct item or that person's wall and did not go to my wall or check my friend's updates.

Like I said, I never intended to leave Facebook for good.  So, as of today, I get to check my Facebook account! Yeah! The take away from this step will be to work within time limits and maybe even days of the week limits for social media.

Now - as for Next Step #4.  This one is going to be a tough-y especially since it's going to take teamwork from my family.  My goal is going to be to go to bed every night between 10:30 and 11:00. Now, as long as we can get all the kiddoes in bed when they are supposed to be and they all stay there and don't get up to ask us existential questions about why we're all here and how we got here and where we're all going (in the big picture) then this should be possible.

I have been really enjoying working on these mini goals. Is anyone playing along at home? Please let me know by leaving a comment if you want to start some new habits with me. We can support each other as we work towards being more healthy and more disciplined in 2010. Feel free to choose whatever goal works best for you personally and share what you choose.

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  1. Oh, tht is so funny. Your point about the kids asking about the meaning of life, etc. at bed time cracks me up. Last night I was exhausted and the big girls wanted me to tuck them in. I said NOOO...let me just pray for you on the couch. They begged more and I said, "Ok, as long as you don't ask me the meaning of life, etc." They agreed. :)

    I have also been doing the protein shake thing. I feel a lot better when I can make myself one.