Sunday, August 1, 2010

Happy Birthday Month to Jason

Hello Friends. It's been August for just about an hour now and I happen to be awake so this seems like a fantastic time to update the blog header for the month.

This month is Jason's birthday. He'll be ten years old. Nothing like hitting double digits to make a guy feel all grown up.

Jason is the kid who is generous and kind. He has always noticed when someone was sad or hurting. When he was a little younger there was a day that I was especially upset and he asked, "Mom, can I sit on your lap?" He was so cute I couldn't say no. So he sat on my lap clutching his blankie and sucking his thumb. You can believe I felt better after those few moments.

Jason helps me remember that it's good just to be there with someone. It's usually not necessary to use lots of words. People don't always need to know what you know or what you think. Sometimes they just need to know that you are there.

I'm so proud of Jason because he goes his own way. He doesn't just follow the crowd. He knows who he is and he sticks with it. There are many things he has told us about his future grown up life that I'm very curious to see how they turn out. And no matter what he thinks right now, his freckles are awesome.

Jason, we love you and you're an awesome kid. Every day with you is an adventure.

Jon and Jason cruising the Caribbean

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  1. Happy Birthday Month.

    Cousin Roy