Monday, August 2, 2010

Back to Tannadoonah

We took our family for a visit to Camp Tannadoonah this weekend and we had a great time. Camp Fire USA is celebrating it's 100th year and the camp had a party to celebrate.

Morris Lodge above is where we would gather for events. There was always singing involved.

There are still 97 steps down to the waterfront.

When I was searching for pictures I found my sash and vest with all of my accomplishments attached. Sarah, of course, is way cute in them.

Things I learned as a kid at Camp Tannadoonah:

Always swim with a buddy.
Kitchen duty is actually kind of fun.
Resting for an hour in the afternoon is a good idea.
Crafting is fun.
Trying new things is fun.
Being outside is fun.
Hiking is awesome.

Did you go to camp as a kid? If you did, have you been back lately?

It had been about 25 years since I had been to Camp Tannadoonah. I called one building "new" and Jon said that while it may not have been there when I was a camper, it was far from "new." Yeah, whatever.

Jon and Sarah investigating the new amphitheater area.

Camp is fun. If you have kids between the ages of 6-16 years old and live in the Michiana area I would highly recommend checking into this sleep away camp for next summer.

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  1. What a neat camp! I went to camp in the Ozarks (for about 2 weeks) when I was in the 6th grade. It was SO much fun, and definitely the longest I'd ever been away from my parents. I'd love to go back and look around...wonder if it is even still there? Have you seen the movie Indian Summer (I think that's the name of it...)...where some adults go back to their old camp?