Thursday, August 5, 2010

10 Things About Me

4/9/2013 - This post still gets hits so I thought I should post an update. While I'm no longer working as an Organizer, most of it's still true. Family's still the same, just older. Princess Bride, Lake Michigan, and making changes are still some of my favorite things. I'll have to do another "10 things" list soon for a full update. Thanks for visiting!

(Alternate title - or as many as I can think of before someone in the house yells, "mom!)

1. I have an amazing husband.
2. I have three kids: Evan (12), Jason, (10) and Sarah (3)
3. I like to read.
4. I am a Professional Organizer.
5. I like to volunteer.
6. My favorite movie is The Princess Bride.
7. I love Lake Michigan. Like seriously. Like as if it loved me back.
8. I like to write. Here and more recently here.
9. I'm working on finishing some things before I turn 40 next spring.
10. I like to change things in my home frequently.

If you've discovered me through the Blog Hop sponsored by Robin then welcome! I'm glad you're here! Please leave a comment with your url and I'll be sure to visit you, too!

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  1. I need your services! (The professional organizer part!) Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  2. I love the Princess Bride! What a classic movie! "As you wish!"

  3. A fellow Princess Bride lover!!!
    "Stop the rhyming, and I mean it!"
    "Anybody want a peanut?"

  4. Professional organizer?! I want to be one!! My husband would be glad to let my organizational streak loose on someone else! =) I would love to know how you got into that.
    Visiting from the blog hop! Stop on by my page anytime:

  5. Hello! Returning the blog hop love.

    Thanks for stopping by. As everyone has mentioned, I need your organizing services too. I'm organized... in my head...
    You have a cute family!

    Happy hopping!

  6. Stopping by through the Blog Hop... oh how I wish I was more organized.... and you've reminded me.... that 40 before 40 list? I got married... I should probably go and cross that one off! Glad to meet you!

  7. i could really use your services too. i am living in chaos! my blog is about my journey to get out of chaos and have a beautiful home.

  8. I imagine that your house must be very organized, but how you can manage that with so many kids I have no clue. Here just like everyone else, chaos and more chaos.

    You have a great blog and beautiful kids.
    Have a great weekend!

  9. If you visit my blog today you'll see how badly I need a professional organizer. But I have a feeling you're no where near me! I'll poke around your blog and see what I can learn instead. Nice to meet you!

  10. A professional organizer? That sounds great, sign me up. Instead, I sit here on my sofa blog hopping! I need to look over your site so I can get some pointers!

  11. I, like so many others, could definitely benefit from a professional organizer. But I'm working on it anyway...have to reduce the amount of "stuff" we have acquired during our last 10 years together. Ack!

    Looking forward to looking around your blog. Happy hopping :)

  12. Ok, I love everything about this list! So cool that you are a professional organizer. I'm in the middle of some major decluttering right now. Off to check out some of your other posts...

  13. Visiting from the blog hop. I love the Princess Bride, too. It's been a while since I watched it, but it is one of my favorites. I just turned 39, so should check out that list pre-40.

  14. Just Hoppin By, Sorry I’m a little late,
    Hi #80...I’m #255 (aka the last blog on the HOP list), I am organized in an unorganized
    I am happy to meet you... great blog!