Monday, February 15, 2010

Jason's "New" Bedroom

I've mentioned before that Jason's bedroom was newly decorated.  I did seek his input before beginning the project and he had asked me to paint the walls black.  I really didn't want to and after consulting with my decorator friend Tricia, we decided to give him two gray walls and two white walls.  Thankfully, Jason was agreeable to this idea, especially when he realized he was going to get black and red accents.  Red is Jason's very favorite color.  

The drawing above was done for the boys Christmas 2008 and just happens to fit wonderfully in the new room.  I just love this little corner right inside the doorway.

We put up a row of cork squares in the corner so Jason could hang his artwork and other cool things.  The quilt he is currently using doesn't really "go" with the design so we thought we would just highlight the new red sheets he is thrilled to have.

The ceiling fan is a big deal in this room, so Jon was a good sport and helped out by painting the blades red.  Mama's punch list of items for completion still include a new quilt and a manga cross stitch design but overall Jason is quite pleased with his newly improved bedroom.

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