Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The SuperMom Trap

When I am stuck in the SuperMom trap,
The Mom I think I want to be,
  • is always calm
  • is always confident
  • is able to meet all of my kid’s needs
  • serves nutritious dinner at home 6 nights out of 7
  • never responds disrespectfully to disrespect
  • never, ever yells
  • is able to keep the house clean
  • never lets my kids forget anything they need
  • always helps with homework
  • has no problem saying no when appropriate
  • doesn’t feel bitter about kids carelessly breaking and losing things that cost money. Lots of money.
When I am properly focused and able to remember that it’s not my kid’s job to make me feel fulfilled, 
I remember that,
  • no parent is always calm
  • every parent makes decisions they’re not sure of
  • it’s not my job to meet my kid’s every need
  • no matter what meal I serve, chances are good that someone won’t eat it
  • once in a while everyone loses their temper
  • and I still never want to yell
  • relationships are more important than the vacuuming
  • if they experience the consequences of forgetting, they’ll remember next time
  • I was bad at math and let Jon help with that
  • nobody likes to hear no, even when it is appropriate. 
    • They don’t have to love hearing it.  I don’t have to love saying it.  Life isn’t always going to feel good.
  • it’s ok to be disappointed when things are broken or lost.  It’s also ok not to replace them.


  1. Sometimes I think the harder we try to be SuperMom, the more disappointed we get with ourselves. When we just let it come natrually, we are more content. I bet if you ask your kids, 99% of the time they will say that you are Super. :)

  2. I really like this blog entry. You put into words what goes through my mind all the time but I was unable to articulate it. Can post a blog about your blog and link it to this entry? I'd love to share it.