Sunday, September 26, 2010

This is not a sponsored post

Sarah, apparently, felt the need to do a little self expression. All over her bedroom wall.

She did this to the wall in her bedroom with crayons and colored pencils.

This is what we used to clean the wall. It's Clorox Green Works natural all-purpose cleaner.

And it worked. Totally.

We used the spray cleaner, toothbrushes, and paper towels. The wall is now completely clean.

Sorry, no after picture. 
In my relief that the wall was clean I forgot to take an after picture. 
And now she's asleep in her bed.
No more pictures tonight.

So next time your kid colors on the walls, try our method for cleaning it.
You're welcome.

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  1. You should at least get one bottle for free. :)

    When Whitney was Sarah's age, she was so proud of her new ability to draw smiley faces, she made a gigantic one on our hard wood floor with a black Sharpie. I had to go to the Sharpie website and order the only thing they claimed to really work on getting it off of wood. It worked! :)