Thursday, September 30, 2010

Reader Roundup 9/30/10

All the fun stuff that's fit to print, er, um, hmmm.

All the fun stuff that's fit to copy & paste and share with you this week.

  • The Wegners are writing a book about India. He said. She said.
  • Videos from Guatemala - via the recent Compassion International Bloggers trip.
  • Lots of color in this home - from Sara's Art House
  • From - Is your kid a LEGO Geek?
  • Thinking I might read this book, & follow along here, cause I want my girl to stay "little" as long as she can.
  • Read what the "Queen of Spain" blog has to say about politics today.
  • Check out Hoosier Homemade to get your fall decorating groove on.

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What have you read that was interesting this week? Please share in the comments.



  2. I love how you put that...he said/she said. :)

  3. Thanks so much for the mention Jen!