Thursday, October 14, 2010

Happy Birthday to Jon!

Jon had a birthday.
He's 40 now.
Go ahead, sing if you want to.

Days before the party I told him I ordered a cake with a vulture and black frosting.
But I didn't.

We had Notre Dame birthday cake.

And cupcakes with the Chicago Bears 'C' on them made by Liz. Apparently they were very well made, because the server won't let me load the photo. It says I don't have permission to use "this item". Well ok then. Anyway, they looked great and they were delicious. Thanks again, Liz!

There were many, many grown up friends, but apparently I failed to take many photos of them.

But we did get this shot of the pyromaniac clan of boys burning marshmallows in the fire pit. 

The theme for the party was food. Jon is a big fan of food. All kinds. So rather than bringing gifts, I asked friends and family to bring food that was special to them. Something they are famous for, or something they especially love. Also, Jon really loves spicy food so many people took advantage of this fact and brought deliciously spicy delights.

Jon also hung a white sheet in the garage and projected the Notre Dame game onto the "big screen." Thankfully, the team got the birthday memo and racked up a win for our big party day.

We had such a great time celebrating Jon's 40th birthday.
We may just have to do all of this party stuff more often around here.

Here's to 40+ more years with my Jonny.

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