Saturday, November 13, 2010

Granger Community Church Christmas Offering 2010

You may have noticed a new "Chip In" box on the right side of the blog. Here's the thing. Our church collects a Christmas offering every year, as do most.

Jon and I would love to contribute way more than we do to this offering as well as throughout the year. We thought that some of our friends might like to contribute and help out as well. Here's your chance.

Just so you know:

  • When you "chip-in" the money will go into my personal Pay-Pal account.
  • Every penny you contribute will be given to the GCC 2010 Christmas Offering.
  • Yes, I am an honest person.
  • If you feel more comfortable, you may donate directly at the GCC website.

This year the offering will support three purposes:

  • Camp Scholarships - Provide opportunities for at-risk kids to attend summer camp.
  • Generosity Project - aka Food Drop - This event has happened many years before but the rumor is that this year we're taking it to "a whole new level."
  • Community Transformation - Support development programs in economically and educationally depressed areas locally and around the world.

Complete details about the So This is Christmas offering are available here, from the Granger Community Church website. I hope you'll ChipIn! And thank you.

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