Thursday, November 18, 2010

Reader Roundup - 11/18/10

The photo above is from the 2004 Habitat for Humanity Jimmy Carter Work Project in Mexico. This was house dedication day and I was worn out. The kids obviously weren't around all week while construction was happening so this was the first time we met them. They were about the same ages as my boys at the time. When I saw their kids I wanted mine so badly I totally lost it. I only had two then. I love this family and I hope they are happy in their now six year old home. 

People are doing things all over the world to help others. There are so many opportunities to help someone across the world, or your next door neighbor. Readers here know that my bleeding heart is always wide open. I'll always share opportunities with you. So, today, one week before Thanksgiving, what are you doing with your life to help someone else?

There you go, a little call to action mixed in with your Reader Roundup for this week.

  • Check out this video of Wizard Swears. It's kind of raunchy but if you live with pre-teen boys like I do, it's really rather tame in comparison.
  • Just go here and watch the video. It's worth it. AND, it's time for me to learn to use iMovie.
  • Shift your perspective. How to stand in the gap for Haiti.
  • Use your Christmas cards to support the Rhema Project. You can get them at the Granger Community Church bookstore.
  • What is faith, belief, religion?
  • Jon and I are almost finished with Financial Peace University. One thing I've learned is to find and listen to people who know more than I do in this area. Here's some advice from a billionaire
  • Be a "but" person. At least I think that's how I should say that. Even though I probably still wouldn't say it out loud. Apparently this is the potty language post.

Oh my goodness. Maybe that's enough for now.

  • Remember to ChipIn! on the right side of the blog for the GCC Christmas Offering.
  • Let's be Friends on Facebook. Or you can "Like" my business. Or both.
  • Please leave a comment to let me know what you do to help others. I would love to hear about it.

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