Monday, January 24, 2011

Indy Trip - Day Two

Day two. Hmm. I would love to say that we slept late but ya know. Three year old.

We ate breakfast in our room. I brought groceries for that. Cause I'm cheap that way. Then we did a bit of a driving tour. Because it was fah-reeeezing. No walking tour for us this time.

We drove past the State House. It wasn't until Sunday that we realized there were tours on Saturday. Hmpf. Now we have a good reason to come back and our first free thing to add to the list for next trip.

And we drove past Lucas Oil Stadium. Evan is a huge Colts fan so he was glad to see this photo of his buddy Peyton Manning on the outside of the stadium.

Then we headed back north and ended up at the Indianapolis Marion County Public Library.

This is an amazing library. You can see the original portion of the building looking all stately, made of brick and mortar. And then there's the newer portion of the building, all modern looking and much taller than the original space. It's a-maz-ing.

From the outside the structure is very impressive. And then when you walk in, it's even more impressive. The original building is used to house all of the fiction titles and some really nice nooks and crannies for quiet reading time; at least that's what it looked like to me.

The newer portion houses all of the non-fiction collections as well as special collections and the children's area. The computer labs are also located in the modern section along with a small cafe area. And did I mention it's six stories tall? Yeah. You could get lost in this library.

The children's area is called the Learning Curve and Sarah loved it. There was a story time in progress so we stopped in to listen.

The librarian did a great job reading Snowbots, a really cute book about how robot kids entertain themselves in the winter time. After the reading, the kids in the room made a movie by answering questions about the book while being filmed. Then the librarian would play it back for them. Very simple and the kids loved seeing themselves telling about the book.

I wanted to catch the librarian's name but Sarah wouldn't let me stick around long enough. So thanks Miss Librarian! You did a great job!

Sarah also managed to find one of her personal favorite books to read, The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

Seriously, if you live in Indy and have never visited this library, you are missing out.

The library was definitely the highlight of day two for us. We spent quite a bit of time just checking it all out and dreaming about spending time there.

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