Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Family night craftiness

We had paper crafting night on Friday. What? That's not what you do on Friday night? Hmpf. Maybe you should.

Sarah started out like this. All nice and neat, clean and fully dressed.

And ended up like this. I bought smelly markers. It was inevitable.

Who wants to guess at what age she will get her first tattoo?

Jason meticulously covered almost the entire front of his notebook. Then promptly ripped off the cover and threw it away.

Artists. Whaddaya gonna do?

Evan took a little more time because he likes to tell us all about what he's doing and how he's going to do it. And he chose to let the cover remain on his book to be crafted another day.

They all love using mom's special papers and tools. Sarah got a great big kick out of the wave cutter and the boys really, really, really, really love the adhesive tools. Those boys are expensive even on craft night.

Jon helped keep the tattooed lady busy and relatively clean. He also helped with clean up. Isn't he great? I dream up and help create the mess and he helps clean it up.

And here's my craftiness for the evening. It's the cover of my "one notebook to rule them all." I'm going to try out a new way to keep track of some things.

With crafty inspiration from Sara Mincy.

That was our last family night. What does your family do for fun on a Friday night?

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