Thursday, May 5, 2011

Eternal Lizdom Guest Post

Hey Friends!

I'm posting over at Liz's blog today. Go over and visit, won't you? I think it's a pretty fun post about being adventurous with your food. 

Eternal Lizdom

Then when you come back, I'll let you know that the chocolate chips in that picture were for a recipe from this book by Marilu Henner. I still have the book but I've actually ripped the chocolate chip cookie recipe page out and put it in my big recipe binder. I'll have to do a post on that some day I guess.

I just had to add the picture here, too, because I think it's pretty. And because I wanted you to know that those dates in the front? They are my new favorite thing for this week. If you shop at Meijer (like I usually do) you can purchase a big container of them in the area near the raisins.

My ultimate goal is to buy as much of these really healthy foods at the regular grocery store as possible so that they continue to stock them. Less crappy junk food and more amazingly delicious and healthy good foods.

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