Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Daily Reading

So a while back I decided that I would read 12 blogs daily for 12 weeks. I chose a few and asked for suggestions to finish out the list. It was fun to have people suggest themselves. Here are a few things I've learned after not quite 12 weeks of focused daily blog reading.

  • Twelve weeks is too long.
  • People are interesting.
  • Blogging is a funny thing.
  • I love the variety of reasons people write blogs.
  • It's fun to get to know people online. And even more fun to get to know the same people offline, too.
  • My attention span is short. Long blog posts don't work for me.

The end of the 12 week period would have been June 7th. I can't do it. I'm pulling the plug. I love you people and have really enjoyed getting to know you all online but it's time for me to move on.

Here's the post with the original 12X12 blog group.

If you're looking for new blogs to follow, that's a really great list to start with. I recommend you take a look at all of them and follow the ones that interest you.

My plan is to choose another group of blogs to follow starting on June 1st and follow for one month. I'm thinking I'll stick with ten this time around. If you could use a cheerleader for the month of June, send an email to jencrutch (at) gmail (dot) com and I'll let you know if you make the list this time around.

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