Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Hums school lockdown

So this morning my garage door was broken, which meant I couldn't do the morning carpool because my van was very stuck in the garage. The other family did the morning run and I took the afternoon run, after the repair guy came to fix my garage door.

Since I was lucky enough to be at the school at the end of the day, I was witness to the drama that unfolded as our school was placed on lockdown. All of us parents were there for 3pm pick up and no kids were coming out. The security person who normally just helps direct traffic to make sure that everyone gets out of the lot safely informed us that there may have been shots fired in an area behind the school.

Honestly, I was feeling a little exposed sitting in my car in front of the school.

A few minutes later, two police cars pulled into the lot and the officers went inside the building. I was glad to see them there.

Soon, the police came back out and shortly thereafter, the principal and students started coming out. One officer stayed at each door until the parking lot cleared.

This entire situation lasted less than half an hour. While we were waiting for the kids I didn't feel all that worried or concerned. However, as I drove away from the building and listened to my son and his two friends telling their story, I felt huge relief. What a difficult situation.

I'm so thankful for the teachers and administrators whose choices kept everyone safe. I'm thankful for the police officers who showed up to rush into a potentially dangerous situation. I'm concerned that there may actually still be a dangerous situation somewhere in our city, just averted where we were for now.

As the school year winds down there seems to be quite a bit of concerning behavior happening at schools in our region. I hope today is the last of it.

At Concord Junior High School in Elkhart

Marian High School in Mishawaka

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