Sunday, July 17, 2011

Ravelry Blog-A-Long Update #1

So we were traveling and vacationing this week but I still managed to get seven new blocks done for the challenge. Kind of impressed myself actually.

Since I didn't want to bring along the book I decided to just bring three different colors of yarn, my hook, and some small scissors, and make some traditional granny squares since I could do that without instructions in front of me. Sarah said, "Mommy, I'm so impressed you're doing your yarn without your book! Good job, Mommy!"

Obviously, the squares in the above collage have not yet been blocked. Wanna know why? Cause I HATE blocking! Who has hints or tips on making this part of the process easier for me? Any ideas or links to tutorials will be greatly appreciated. I've got 200 blocks to, well, block to the appropriate size over the next year people. Help me out, please. 

Now that we're home from vacation and traveling I'll have more time to visit more blogs from the blog-a-long challenge. Thanks so much to everyone for stopping by!

The Blog-A-Long Series

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