Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Reboot Day 2 - Bread! Give me bread!

Ok, so bread is not the thing that I've been craving the most today, but I have been wanting it. And not just any bread. I'm talking warm, sweet, buttery bread. Yeah.

I also wanted a banana at breakfast time. I usually just grab one because they're quick and easy. I started to grab one and had to stop myself. It also made me think about how very much of my eating behavior is simply mindless. A banana may not seem like a big deal but then what happens when you eat mindlessly all day long? A few M&M's aren't so bad. But, as I've said before, they gang up on you!

My friend Kalai wrote an article about all of the times she had to say "just this one time, I'm not going to have it." I think it's a great article about how many times we have to say "no" to our own wants over the course of a week. Don't let yourself be fooled. This stuff is hard to do!

To start out today I had apple juice. These five apples became 20 ounces of juice. 

(Update: Aaaaaaand sometimes, you hit the "publish post" button before you mean to. Sorry about that folks. I intended to finish this post and share it later. Since I've already posted this much, I'll leave it for now and just add to it later in the day.) 

Update 9:06 pm

Hi. I'm back to finish the post I started earlier. Turns out, it really wasn't a bad thing I did that because I don't really have much to share right now. I feel a little like I'm wilting.

I have a small (tolerable) headache, my energy is low but I don't feel tired, and I'm really wanting something to eat. Almost anything. I also know that if I eat something now, I won't want to stop. Now is not the time to give in.

I know I can do this. I really, really want to do this. I will do this. Maybe tomorrow morning will be easier. G'night.

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