Sunday, January 13, 2013

Start Less, Finish More

Waaay back on May 21st of last year, I made a list of unfinished projects that needed some attention. Here's what's left to do:

1. Pink/White class quilt binding
2. Bee hexagon quilt
3. Buttercup quilt - need to cut more strips
Strips cut for the Buttercup Quilt

4. Broken Blues quilt - Very first quilt top I ever pieced.
5. Red/Brown squares quilt
6. Welcome Home cross stitch
7. Tomato Crate Label cross stitch - which is farther along than I remember!

Tomato Crate Label

8. Sublime Stitching ABC
9. Emily's yellow rug - I really will finish them some day, Emily.
10. Emily's blue rug
11. Blue table runner - needs quilting and binding
12. Red/White/Blue table runner - top is finished

All of the above projects are in some stage of completion, as you can see from the photos.

These projects were actually finished:

1. Art Beat Yarn Bomb
Mine wasn't her favorite, but she was nice enough to pose by mine anyway.

2. Sarah's purple and green quilt binding
3. Practice piece binding
4. Nana book bag
5. Hand Made Gift Exchange pin cushion
6. Jessica and Nick beach glass heart

I must really like them to give away my beach glass.

7. Charlotte's Strip and Flip Quilt
8. "Sarah" pillow

And these projects have been abandoned for various reasons:

1. Sarah's purple sweater
2. Sublime Stitching frame for Jessica and Nick
3. Julie cuff bracelet for myself
4. Snake amigurumi

And of course, more projects have been added to the list for finishing:

1. Aidan's birthday gift - finished 1/19/13
2. Tara's birthday gift
3. Fruit Punch afghan

As hard as I try, I know I will start more projects. It's just what I do. But, the plan is to finish what I have, and use supplies I already own to make any new projects that do pop up.

Well, that's the plan anyway...

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  1. Oh wow, I need to make a list like this! I have various projects in various stages of completion too! I'm an avid list-maker so it always seemed unusual to me that I never list my WIPs but I should might guilt trip me into completing some of them! Good luck with the rest of the projects you have to complete! (HannahA91 from swap-bot Blog Comment Hop #1)